Manchester Tragedy

When will it end? Never say never!

It was only a short time ago that we all were reflecting upon the senseless loss of life and limb as a result of the cowardly actions carried out by terrorist scum in France and other countries throughout the Globe now once again the UK rejoins the list and however much we sympathise with the pain of others when the act is perpetrated in your homeland the magnitude of the act seems to hit harder. This time, as in Paris, fans of music, young and old were the targets, as soft a target as you can get with no danger of reprisal, singled out and chosen by these big, brave jihadist ‘losers’ in their warped assumption that to massacre such innocents would somehow further their cause. How wrong can they be? We all love music and we all love life. To some music is life and if they think that they will ever stop us from following our passion for music and the exponents of, they are sadly mistaken. These despicable lowlifes would like to take both our lives and our music from us but rest assured they will never succeed. Their recent atrocity only binds us closer, brings us more together, makes us stronger, more resilient, less afraid. People died that night in Manchester for the joy of the music they loved and in defiance of the maggots that would take it away from them. So much love, music and memories remain. Bless them and bless you all.